Pre-PermaBlitz March Gathering

CPG header 3-19-17

Sunday, March 18th from 10am – 1pm at the Chico Library (1108 Sherman Ave.) in preparation for PermaBlitz #3 on Saturday, April 14th!

We are gearing up for PermaBlitz #3 in April (RSVP Today!)! As an introduction to permaculture and its application to PermaBlitz #3 we host 2 Pre-Blitz Gatherings, the second of which is Sunday, March 18th from 10am – 1pm at the Chico Library meeting room (1108 Sherman Ave.). This Gathering will cover…

Volunteer for PB#3! People who volunteer get additional hands-on knowledge, credit toward becoming a PB Host in the future and Early Access to this and PB#4 in October! Sign up online today!


We will have 3-4 short presentations with interactive forums in between as we move through the permaculture design process as it applies to the PermaBlitz Host site. This Gathering counts toward becoming a PermaBlitz Host.

  • Goals Articulation & Base Mapping
  • Site Assessment & Analysis
  • WAS (Water, Access, and Structures) Design
  • Zones Of Use & Sector Analysis
  • Concept Mapping: we’ll show you the design for the Host site and how the designers put it all together.


PB#3 Projects and Activities:

  • Wicking bed
  • Lasagna style raised beds
  • Tree planting
  • Outdoor sink
  • Build rocket stoves
  • Citrus tree pruning
  • Drip irrigation

At this time the PB #3 permaculture design is in progress and is being compiled by Earthshed Solutions’ certified designers and PDC graduate interns.


  • Please bring a small dish to share as well as your own dishes, utensils, and cup for the POTLUCK. There are limited dishes available in the library so please remember to bring your own if you can. If you do use library dishes we ask that you wash them when you are done.
  • If you have anything in SURPLUS (vegetables, home preserved food, eggs, fruit, seed, plant starts etc.) please bring it along and we’ll ‘Share the Surplus’ after the Potluck.

What is a PermaBlitz?

A PermaBlitz is a FREE event open to the public, where you learn new skills as it relates to permaculture, complete various projects and activities, share food, get some exercise, and have fun. You can find out more here:

Attention Potential PermaBlitz Hosts! Please read through this page for more information about hosting a PermaBlitz at your property: This CPG Pre-PermaBlitz Gathering counts toward becoming a PermaBlitz Host.


  • This Way to Sustainability Conference XIII, March 15-16, 2018. Earthshed Solutions will collaborate on a presentation titled, ‘Sustainability for Survival: Part I. Uses of Water and Earth’ on Thursday, March 15 at 9am in BMU 203. Register to attend the Conference here
  • Environmental Coalition Community Gathering: Friday, March 16th from 5pm – 7pm at the Dorothy F. Johnson Center (775 E. 16th Street, Chico).
  • CSLL ‘Lettuce Get Together -Tuesday, March 20th from 4:00 to 6:00pm at the Chico Branch of the Butte County Library (1108 Sherman Ave. Chico, CA). A CSLL orientation session, timely garden discussions, and seed packaging will take place
  • PermaBlitz #3!! Saturday, April 14th from 10am – 4pm (Location provided with RSVP)



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