PermaBlitz #3!

Registration is Open!

PB#3 -canva

PermaBlitz #3 will be held at a 5 acre rural residence in lower Paradise, CA. The location will be provided upon RSVP confirmation.

PB#3 is open to a limited number of Participants, please be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to ensure your spot! See ‘Cost’ below to view our RSVP ticket types and when registration is open. RSVP here:

Volunteer for PB#3! People who volunteer get additional hands-on knowledge, credit toward becoming a PB Host in the future and Early Access to this and PB#4 in October! Sign up online today!

We will be implementing several facets of a recently completed permaculture design for the PermaBlitz Host and site.  Projects & Activities may vary from list below.


  • Wicking Bed –water conserving raised vegetable garden bed with small rock in a reservoir below the soil so plants literally wick up the water they need.
  • Lasagna Style Raised Beds -layer diverse nitrogen and carbon materials to create the foundation for healthy soil in 2 new raised beds. One bed will be planted with ‘Black Beauty’ zucchini seed with the goal of saving seed for the Chico Seed Lending Library.
  • Outdoor Sink -built near the fenced vegetable garden the sink, when used, will drain to the wicking bed or nearby mulch basin.


  • Tree Planting & Compost Extract -show the proper way to plant trees (using Asian pear, persimmon and Autumn blaze type maple trees) with mulch basins for water conservation then make and use compost extract.
  • Building Rocket Stoves -build efficient and hot burning rocket stoves which use small amounts of kindling/wood for fuel (we plan to build 3 or 4 and you may purchase one for $20).
  • Citrus Tree Pruning –learn the best methods for pruning Citrus for optimal growth and health.
  • Drip Irrigation for Plant Guilds -learn how to convert an existing drip irrigation system for trees to a plant guild system using micro-spray and shrubler emitters.


COST: You must RSVP to attend

We have 4 ticket types:

  1. ‘Paid PB#3 RSVP’: Paid registration is open now. $20 and the Eventbrite fee will support this and future PermaBlitzes and secure your spot now.
  2. ‘Donation PB#3 RSVP’ : Donation RSVP’s open 3/25. We will happily accept donations if you choose to contribute to this and future PermaBlitzes.
  3. ‘PermaBlitz #3 RSVP’: Free registration opens 3/25 to the general community
  4. ‘Early Access PB#3 RSVP’: Free registration opens 3/18 to those who qualify based on attendance (see more here:



  • Paper, clipboard, and pens/pencils
  • Gloves and sturdy shoes
  • Water bottle in a non-glass container
  • Plate, utensils, cup and napkin
  • We will have some items available to use but if you have your own you can bring: chair(s) or blanket for sitting, shovel, hand pruners, and trowel



  • LUNCH will be provided by the Host; please let us know if you have special dietary requirements when you RSVP
  • We will set up a carpool from Chico [at the Chico Park and Ride, Highway 32 at Fir Street –east side]; please let us know of your interest when you RSVP. We will have several signs along the road to help guide you.
  • Please leave your pets at home
  • All participants must sign a release of liability waiver when they arrive
  • PermaBlitz will take place rain or shine


If you wish to attend and cannot RSVP online or require more information please get a hold of us directly at


PermaBlitzes are an education program of Earthshed Solutions. A PermaBlitz is about helping our neighborhoods become more edible and resilient one yard at a time by harnessing and building the power of community. Sign up for our newsletter or learn more here:

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