Contour Technology for WATER Workshop 4/26/15

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This is the Chico Permaculture Guilds SECOND workshop of the season and an all important finale to our design process education (the next few months we will focus on the techniques and strategies used in implementing a permaculture design). This Hands-on Workshop will teach you how to design for WATER retention in the landscape and how to use specific TOOLS to mark out water harvesting earthworks.

WATER is in the forefront of our minds with California in its fourth year of drought and mandatory water rationing soon in effect. Many people feel out of touch… with how to best use available water and how to reduce their consumption of well and municipal water sources while retaining their farm and garden abundance. This workshop will show you how to rehydrate your landscape with the rainwater we do receive and help you learn to determine which tools are needed and how to use them to help your property become drought resilient.

This workshop is focused on the permaculture design process and directly relates to our April monthly gathering topic, WAS Design Tool (Water, Access, Structures). You don’t need to have attended the gathering though it will help you better understand the activities of the workshop as it relates to water and access in particular. [In May there will be a Hands-on Workshop which will teach you specifically how to install a rooftop rainwater harvesting system.]

Details of the Workshop:

WHEN: Sunday, April 26th from 11am to 3pm

WHERE: 283 Kelly Ridge Rd. Oroville, CA

POTLUCK LUNCH: Please bring a dish to share and your own utensils, plates and cups.

We will begin the workshop by learning various design tools including how to read topographical maps and when and where to use water harvesting earthworks such as ponds and swales.

After lunch we will show you how to use different tools for marking contour (equal elevation lines) for water harvesting earthworks as a primary goal. Knowing how to use this type of technology will help with the design and implementation of swales, terraces, level pathways, rainwater harvesting infiltration trenches and basins and so much more. We will cover the simplest tools, such as the A-Frame level to bunyip water levels to ‘dumpy’ and transit levels and finally a laser level.

Many of these tools can be used with one person making it easy for marking out your property on your own, though some do require two people to use them. Even if you live in the valley flatlands knowing how to use this equipment is a real advantage, especially when you need to direct rainwater from your rooftop to your landscape.

BONUS ACTIVITY: We’re working on procuring enough materials for each person to make their own A-frame level to take home. A-frame levels are used around the world for marking continuous level points in the landscape. They are the simplest and most cost effective tool for the job and are very simple to make. Please let us know when you RSVP if you would like to make an A-frame level to take home so we ensure we have enough materials on hand.

This is a FREE event. If you do want to build an A-frame level to take home we are requesting a $5 donation for the materials. This is helpful to ensuring the Guild can continue to offer this type of bonus activity.

To RSVP to attend this workshop please follow this link.

For more information contact Stephanie at or 530-828-6390 OR Robert at 619-890-0979.



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