First CPG Workshop of the Season!

HO Header1This is a Hands-on Workshop focused on the permaculture design process and directly relating to our Chico Permaculture Guild March monthly gathering topic, Map and Analyze Zones and Sectors. You don’t need to have attended the gathering though it will help you better understand the activities of the workshop.

This workshop will take place Sunday, March 29th from 11-3pm. This is a FREE event. To register please follow this link to RSVP and let us know you will be attending.

Details of the Workshop:

  • We will go into detail on how to analyze the zones and sectors of a new area of CPG members Anne and Robert’s property in Oroville.
  • We will walk the property and talk about how to design with slope in mind as we learn about the different sectors of Anne and Roberts property and how they mapped them out.
  • You’ll learn how to analyze the function/characteristics of specific elements (using examples such as rabbits and oak trees) then how to find the most appropriate functional connections between different elements before placing them into their respective zones.
  • We will do a fun random assembly activity that will help fully open up our brains to all kinds of possibilities when placing the desired elements.
  • As a final design exercise you will be given a wish list of elements (animals, aquaponics, gardens etc.) that you will need to then analyze and place into a design of your own during the workshop.

You’ll go home with a better understanding of the importance of zones and a practical application of how to create a sector map; this hands-on skill building workshop will lead you further down the road toward creating a final permaculture design for your own site.

HO image -Eventbrite



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