International Permaculture Day at the Endangered Species Faire

esf ipd banner

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 from 11am to 5pm at the One Mile Picnic Area of Lower Bidwell Park

Each year for the past 35 years the Butte Environmental Council has hosted the Endangered Species Faire. A Faire dedicated to environmental education, action and community.

The Endangered Species Faire hosts exhibits, activities, presentations and entertainment for the approximately 5,000 people that attend each year. As we have in years past the Chico Permaculture Guild will provide a tabling exhibit/activity featuring the Guild and promoting permaculture in our local community. And also this year the Chico Permaculture Guild will be celebrating International Permaculture Day while at the Faire.

What is International Permaculture Day (IPD)?

It’s a day to celebrate the achievements of permaculture actions around the world. IPD provides an opportunity for the public to see positive permaculture projects in action, to talk personally to the people living it and experience the permaculture movement first hand.

tour collage 3

Last year for International Permaculture Day 2013 the CPG held a public tour of a local permaculture project.

The IPD celebration is held annually the first Sunday in May where a range of permaculture events occur across the globe. For us with the Chico Permaculture Guild we will celebrate a day early while at the Endangered Speices Faire (and technically we will be celebrating about the same time as those permies in Australia).

Integrating Themes…

Each year the Endangered Species Faire has a specific theme to inspire people to take part in preserving and protecting our natural environment and this year is no different; this year the theme is The Webs of Life’. The focus is on the importance of connections and our dependence on nature and one another. Without the intricate webs that weave us all together life on this beautiful planet would very quickly cease to exist.

As the Endangered Species Fair has a particular theme each year so does International Permaculture Day. This year the theme for IPD is Reclaiming Food Freedom’. Everywhere new laws are being passed that take away
our right to real food and it’s past time for us to take a stand to help preserve our livelihoods, our homesteads, our front yard gardens and our future.

In honor of the themes for BOTH the Endangered Species Faire, ‘WEBS OF LIFE‘ and for International Permaculture Day, ‘RECLAIMING FOOD FREEDOM‘ we will be teaching people how to make Seed Balls. We will have on hand California native wildflower, cover crop and vegetable seed to incorporate into the clay/compost mix.

Seed Ball

When making Seed Balls we will help educate people of all ages about how we are honoring and taking part in the natural cycles of our world:

> the compost in the Seed Balls hold beneficial microorganisms which comprise the soil food web and make necessary nutrients available for plants…

> the wildflowers, cover crops and vegetables provide beneficial insects with their need of food and shelter…

> the insects provide us with the pollination we need for our food crops…

> we harvest the food and seed from our plants, share our surplus, eat our abundance and stay healthy and happy (to make more Seed Balls).

Seed Ball Life Cycle... part of the Webs of Life!

Seed Ball Life Cycle… part of the Webs of Life!

And so the cycle continues…

seed balls germinating

We hope you will join us at the Endangered Species Faire on May 3rd, participate in all the wonderful activities the Butte Environmental Council has in store for us and come by the Chico Permaculture Guild booth, make some seed balls and celebrate with us International Permaculture Day!


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