CPG Mapping Short Course for members

bannerWe’ve had interest from CPG members about how to use Google Earth, Butte County GIS and online soil survey/mapping software. We’ll go into a lot more detail than our January gathering was able to offer. We’ll use attending member properties as examples.

Sunday, April 6th from 12-2pm in the Chico Branch Library meeting room (1108 Sherman Ave. Chico, CA)

If you have a laptop computer please bring it along in addition to a mouse as the library’s internet requires us to use one for access (for some reason). This will help you to learn using your own system but we’ll have one available that everyone will get a chance to use.

If you plan on attending please be sure to contact us at modcpg@gmail.com. When contacting us please specify if you will be bringing your own laptop.

Donations to the CPG for this short course are greatly appreciated but not required.

For more info contact Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper at modcpg@gmail.com or 530-828-6390. Facebook Event


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