Seeds of Community

joan seed art with borderWe’re incredibly happy to be in the swing of organizing our 5th Annual Spring Seed Swap with our friends at the GRUB Education Program and the many new partners and sponsors who are helping us put together this annual Spring celebration. This event has grown profoundly over the last 5 years so we’d like to share a little history about the Seed Swaps from the past as well as some information about the upcoming Seed Swap March 16th, 2014.seed swap 2010

February 2010 marked the year we began providing these fun and educational events for our community. When we started planning the First Annual Seed Swap we really weren’t sure how well received they would be… do others care as much about seed as we do? Well, we were pleasantly surprised to have roughly 50-100 seed savers and gardeners come out to trade, talk and learn about seed that day at the GRUB Cooperative.

seed swap 2012 (11)In Fall of 2012 we decided to hold a second Seed Swap of the year in solidarity with Seed Freedom Fortnight, a global movement powered by Vandana Shiva and Navdanya, to help spread the word about the importance of seed security and to ensure seed sovereignty for farmers and gardeners alike. The Fall Seed Swap was also well attended so we now hold two seed swaps per year. There is always cause for celebrating and exchanging seed.seed swappers And the seeds of community just continues to grow…

At the 4th Annual Spring Seed Swap there were between 200-400 people that attended throughout the day! While it was a really fun day it was VERY crowded. Thanks be to the GRUB Cooperative for hosting this event for 4 years but we needed to relocate the Seed Swap to a larger venue.

fall seed swap 2013We’re very happy to now utilize the Chico Grange Hall for Seed Swaps. The Chico Grange has welcomed this event with open arms and we’d like to give a big shout out to them for supporting this event and for all they do for our community.

All in all we think this event has been warmly received by our awesome community…

5th Annual Spring Seed Swap, March 16th, from 2-6pm

Organizing the seed swaps for the last few years are Sherri Scott owner of GRUB Grown Nursery, Joan Bosque -California Organic Flower girl extraordinaire and Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper, co-owner of Gaia Creations.  All three help organize the Chico Permaculture Guild and, as it so happens, all three helped co-found the Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL) as well… we just really love seeds.

Seed Swap CloudWe’ve been actively working together for the last few months to make this years Seed Swap more engaging and even better than before. We have an excellent speaker line up, we have Chico Natural Foods selling snacks and beverages, we’ve invited a bunch of our local non-profits and organizations to share their wisdom about seeds, farming/gardening and local sustainability and we’ll have over 8 tables filled with a diverse variety of seed and plants.

24193858-water-drop-and-ripples-iconThis year we’re going to hone in on WATER… without ample water we haven’t a chance to plant and nurture our seeds. The drought facing California is dire and we’d like to help people both amp up and learn more about the ways to get involved in water conservations efforts.

Here are some of the details for the Speaker Presentations:

At 2:15pm Kalan Redwood of Redwood Seeds will present a Seed Saving 101 workshop. Kalan is an excellent educator and will provide us with the basics of seeds saving with a focus on drought tolerant crops.

At 3:30pm we will host a Water Panel featuring 3 unique ways to water footconserve water in our gardens. First off Stephanie and Brian Ladwig-Cooper will provide information about rainwater harvesting earthworks and rain gardens. Second to speak will be Nani Teves with the Butte Environmental Council who will let us know about how and when to use rain barrels. And third  Stephanie and Tim Elliott with the GRUB Education Program will talk about the importance and efficiency of greywater reuse.

At 4:45pm Joan Bosque will lead an open forum entitled Seed Stories. This will be an open mic platform to invite our community to share their own personal seed stories, historical perspectives about seeds and gardening, concerns about the future and much more. This is where you will be able to voice your love and passion for seed, gardening, farming, the environment and more.

We are so grateful to have a lot of assistance from our community with the Seed Swap this year. The organizations and businesses sponsoring this years Seed Swap are GRUB Education Program, Chico Permaculture Guild, Redwood Seeds, Chico Seed Lending Library (CSLL), Chico Grange Hall and Chico Natural Foods Cooperative

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming Seed Swap and we really look forward to seeing you there!


  • Sherri Scott (GRUB Education Program) 342-3376
  • Stephanie Ladwig-Cooper (Chico Permaculture Guild) 828-6390

You can get the basic details about the 5th Annual Spring Seed Swap here. And if you use Facebook you join the event and share it with your friends and family.

If you’d like to get involved we do need volunteers to help out during the day. You can send us an e-mail ( to let us know you’d like to help.

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